External Advisory Board

  • Joe Hildebrand, Mozilla
  • Paul Hoffman, ICANN
  • Dirk Kutscher, Huawei
  • Allison Mankin, Salesforce
  • Szilveszter Nada, Ericsson
    “I am a Senior Researcher at Ericsson Research. My main area of interest is Traffic Management, including control of resource sharing, network cooperation, scheduling and dimensioning. I am interested in concepts to explicitly include middleboxes in Traffic Management and how the right incentives and communication can be created in the Tussle between the different actors and how this can improve the user experience. Thus I am most interested in the Middlebox Cooperation related results of the project.”
  • Dave Plonka, Akamai
    “My interest in MAMI stems from the observation that Internet communications have become different from their conception due, in large part, to the introduction of middle boxes and other practical techniques to manage resources. While these have, perhaps, served us well, the future Internet ought not be unduly constrained by these unforeseen modifications. The continual operation and improvement of our world-wide Internet, with its many independent actors, requires measurement, to determine how it performance, and then innovations, followed by further measurements to evaluate proposed improvements. I am also keenly interested in the admission control, quality of service, and security-related aspects of MAMI, so that we all can share a fair, reliable, and safe Internet.”