2. Edition of the MAMI/MONROE workshop on Mobile Network Measuremnt (MNM’18)

On June 25, we held another edition of the Mobile Network Measuremnt (MNM’18) workshop together with the MONROE project. As last year the workshop was co-located with the Network Traffic Measurement and Analysis Conference (TMA 2018) which was held this year in Vienna. We started the day with a keynote from Varun Singh, the CEO of callstats.io – a start-up from Helsinki that collects and analyses WebRTC measurements. While he was giving us some interesting insights in the technical work and challenges of monitoring real-time communications, his elaborations about the challenges and problems as a young start-up were as least as exciting!

The technical agenda of the workshop were split between 6 talks into two sessions, basically between the layers: first focusing on Network QoS and (mobile) Coverage, and then Multipath and Application Performance (in mobile networks). Further Özgü Alay, the co-ordinator of the MONROE project, and Iain Learmonth, the main maintainer of PATHSPider, gave an introduction on the use of the MONROE platform and mobile measurements using PATHspider.

One more important thing to mention: We did print MAMI labelled M&M’s for the MNM workshop… of course! I’d say those where a big success but we gladly have still some left. So if you meet us the next time at some event (e.g. come to our SIGCOMM tutorial on Repeatability and Comparability in Measurement (RCM) where we introduce tracebox, PATHspider, and the PTO), chances are good to get some as well!

Of course we also stayed for the rest of the TMA meeting in Vienna! Beside our two paper on Exploring usable Path MTU in the Internet and Tracing Internet Path Transparency, there where a lot of great talks and keynotes, including an expert summit on Tuesday of the week. After all a big thanks to the organizors for the great meeting as well as great social events (every night of the entire week)!