QUIC Interim WG Meeting, Paris, June 6-8

The QUIC transport protocol, developed by Google and currently under standardization in the IETF, is of central interest to our project. QUIC is an encrypted transport protocol encapsulated in UDP, as those we aim to support with our MCP; indeed, our pilot MCP implementation targets QUIC as its overlying transport. So we are naturally very interested in QUIC’s development, and MAMI partners ETH (Mirja Kühlewind and Brian Trammell, in person) and UoA (Gorry Fairhurst, remotely) attended an interim meeting of the QUIC WG last week in Paris.

The meeting focused on laying out the features of a draft version of the protocol for the first interop test. As the interface between QUIC and TLS is entirely new and somewhat complex, interoperability will focus on connection establishment with cryptographic handshaking. Also on the agenda were discussions about the measurability of QUIC: how much information should QUIC explicitly radiate about its operation toward devices on path in order to support measurement, similar as questions we discuss for MCP. Here discussion is ongoing, but it seems that consensus on a set of explicit mechanisms for limited measurement and operations task is closer than it has been.

About Brian Trammell

Brian Trammell is an Internet measurement and architecture geek, a senior researcher at ETH Zürich's Networked Systems Group, and a member of the Internet Architecture Board.