Path Transparency Observatory (PTO) goes live!

One of the core objectives of the MAMI project is to perform measurements and collect measurement data that can help to quantify middlebox impairments on the Internet. While various impairments on different layers of the protocol stack have been detected over the years, the provided measurement data are often not sufficient to assess how much of a problem there actually is. This information is needed to guide development of protocols extension or new protocols such as the Middlebox Cooperation Protocol (MCP) as proposed by MAMI.

Over the last year the MAMI project developed and implemented the Path Transparency Observatory (PTO), an open-source and publicly accessible repository for measurements of path transparency. An Internet path between a vantage point and a target is consider transparent if no impairment has been observed on that path and therefore the packet was successfully received without modification. The goal of the PTO is to collect data from different sources usually in different formats and represent them in a comparable way. To achieve this we apply a pre-processing step that transform the raw data in observations of a network condition c on a path p during a time interval t.

In parallel we also developed PATHspider (see below), an active measurement tool for A/B testing which now also integrates upload facilities for the PTO. We used and are using PATHspider as well as other measurements tools such as tracebox to continuously run measurements to test TCP extensions such as ECN or TFO as well as impairments on protocols on other layers such as the use of the DiffServ codepoint. Currently, only observations for our ECN measurement campaigns of the last couple of month are available over the public PTO interface. However, we have collected more raw data and are currently running the needed processing steps to successively release more observation data to be publicly available in the PTO:

For more information check out the ANRW PTO paper and Brian Trammell’s talk at the CAIDA AIMS workshop today! And of course, we will announce on twitter when more data is available!