Technical Plenay in Seville

On Feb 7/8 the MAMI project met in Seville for the third technical plenary meeting. Besides the great Spanish food and tapas crawl organized and guided by our technical project coordinator Diego Lopez, we made good progress on the technical aspects of the of the project.

We discussed next steps on PATHspider, both using PATHspider for more measurements as well as the development of new features in PATHspider. Currently the integrating into the MONROE testbed is underway. Further, potential integration with OONI was discussed to extend censorship measurements to low layer mechanisms. We plan for a new release in the next couple of month. Check out GitHub for the current implementation status and details on planned extensions.

The MAMI middlebox taxonomy that will be published end of June in D2.1 feeds into the development of PATHspider and other measurement tools by providing input to define a formalized test description and conditions to measured. Measurement data describing conditions of path transparency observations will soon be publicly available over the Path Transparency Observatory frontend webpage.

The MAMI project is also working on the specification of the Middlebox Cooperation Protocol (see draft-trammell-plus-spec), planning an endpoint implementation using QUIC as transport layer protocol for an HTTP/2 web service example use case and a based middlebox implementation supporting network diagnostics and differential treatment for low latency services.