A Public Targets List

Comparability of measurements and repeatability of experiments is key to science, and active Internet measurement studies are no different. Active measurement studies need not only open descriptions of the experiment (preferably with open source code and analysis, as we use in the MAMI project) but a comparable set of targets against to run experiments.

For some time, the Alexa top million web domains list has acted as a de facto standard of this comparable set of targets, and we’ve used it ourselves in several studies. Recent announcements by Amazon have made it clear that the Alexa top million list will no longer be freely available, and the announced cost for API access have made periodic resolution of the list too expensive for most active measurement studies. Therefore, we have started compilation of a public targets list to replace this de-facto standard.

The initial MAMI Public Targets List is available in GitHub; see the README there for details.

About Brian Trammell

Brian Trammell is an Internet measurement and architecture geek, a senior researcher at ETH Zürich's Networked Systems Group, and a member of the Internet Architecture Board.