Applied Networking Research Workshop at IETF-96

The first ACM, IRTF & ISOC Applied Networking Research Workshop 2016 (ANRW ‘16) was held in co-location with IETF-96 on July 16, 2016, in Berlin. The MAMI project conributed with one full paper and three short papers describing multipath bonding as an use case for MCP, PATHspider’s inital release, as well as the basic structure of MAMI’s Path Transparency Observatory (see ANRW’16 webpage for papers and presentations):

  • Multipath bonding at Layer 3. (Full)
    Maciej Bednarek (ETH Zurich), Guillermo Barrenetxea Kobas (Swisscom), Mirja Kühlewind (ETH Zurich), and Brian Trammell (ETH Zurich).
  • Towards a Multipath TCP Aware Load Balancer. (Short)
    Simon Liénardy (Université de Liège) and Benoit Donnet (Université de Liège).
  • PATHspider: A tool for active measurement of path transparency. (Short)
    Iain R. Learmonth (University of Aberdeen), Brian Trammell (ETH Zurich), Mirja Kuhlewind (ETH Zurich), and Gorry Fairhurst (University of Aberdeen).
  • Towards an Observatory for Network Transparency Research. (Short)
    Stephan Neuhaus (Zürcher Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften), Roman Müntener (Zürcher Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften), Korian Edeline (Université de Liège), Benoit Donnet (Université de Liège), and Elio Gubser (ETH Zurich).

anrw-postersWhile this was a great opertunity to present the work of the MAMI project, there have been a number of very interesting and related papers. To learn more about an extended API for Multipath TCP, multi-homing in IPv6, the effects and cost of Happy-Eyeballs,  and measurement on IPv6 and DSCP usage, check out the ANRW’16 webpage.

Thanks to Lars and Colin for organizing this very interesting and interactive workshop!