2. MAMI Plenary Meeting in Berlin

The MAMI project held its second technical plenary on July 13-15, 2016, in Berlin. This time also members of the External Advisory Board (EAB) participated. Thanks for your time, fruitful discussions and very valuable input! Also special thanks Joe Hildebrand for providing meeting space in the Cisco openBerlin Innovation Center (as well as the free barista team building event..)!


We started on our first afternoon with an open discussion slot focusing on two main topics of the project: test specifications and Middlebox Cooperation Protocol (MCP) design. While the MAMI project is currently running a number of path transparency tests on the Internet, we decided to also provide a specifications of current and planned tests to enable external parties to run similar measurements on other testbeds. Stay tuned, we will provide further measurement results as well as the specs soon!

Just before the meeting, we released the first PATHspider version “Phidippus audax” (0.9.0). In case you wonder why PATHspider only has six legs, there is a sad story to tell which involves a compression middlebox…


After submitting our first technical deliverable D3.1 on Use Cases and Requirements for MCP, we now enter the actual protocol design phase. We discussed and agreed on the basic mechanisms for signaling from and to middleboxes, as also outlined at the PLUS BoF meeting at IETF96 in the following week (see slides here).

Further, work package 2 on Middlebox Classification and Modelling started this month. This work will be informed by our own middlebox measurements and testing as well as additional tests we plan to run in cooperation with our EAB member Paul Hoffman on the ICANN middlebox testlab.

All in all, we had a very productive and fruitful meeting, including an old-fashioned french dinner, and a great tour of craft breweries in bars throughout Berlin.