MAMI was represented at RIPE 72 in Copenhagen with two presentations by ETH. First, Mirja Kühlewind presented a possible application of MAMI’s Middlebox Cooperation Protocol (MCP) in “What if we designed measurement as a first-order service?”, an exploration of what it would take to build Internet measurement on protocol foundations stronger than ping and a collection of ingenious hacks.

Brian Trammell also presented “Internet Path Transparency Measurements using RIPE Atlas”, on MAMI’s use of the RIPE Atlas platform to find differential treatment between UDP and TCP, and the incidence of UDP blocking on access networks. Here, we found about 3% of Atlas probes to be on networks where UDP is severely impaired. More in-depth analysis of this question will appear in an upcoming paper, currently under submission.

About Brian Trammell

Brian Trammell is an Internet measurement and architecture geek, a senior researcher at ETH Zürich's Networked Systems Group, and a member of the Internet Architecture Board.