IETF95 was held last week (3-8 April) in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and the MAMI project was out in force. First and foremost, project coordinator Mirja Kühlewind assumed the office of IETF Transport Area Director at the plenary meeting on Wednesday evening.


Congratulations on the yellow dot!

Brian Trammell presented a small research study performed with RIPE Atlas at the Measurement and Analysis for Protocols (MAP) proposed Research Group, on the deployability of UDP encapsulation-based approaches to deploying new transport protocols, as MAMI will explore with its middlebox cooperation protocol (MCP) and flexible transport layer (FTL). He also presented a potential approach to supporting low-latency service signaling using a new IP Differentiated Services codepoint at the “Alternatives to Content Classification for Operator Resource Deployment” (ACCORD) BoF, where explicit cooperation with respect to radio access network were discussed.

The Transport Services (TAPS) working group was interesting as well: our abstract work on decomposing transport protocols into features, to be published shortly, has led to the first concrete proposals on implementation.The NEAT project presented their proposed API for an adaptive transport layer, and MAMI will bring an FTL API proposal to the next meeting in Berlin.


The Limited Use of Remote Keys (LURK) BoF was also of special interest to the project, as key management protocols useful in CDN and operator networks may present a way forward for cooperation with trusted middleboxes. MAMI partner TID is working on an implementation of a key server for LURK, and we’ll be watching continued developments in this space.

Being in Buenos Aires, the project made sure to enjoy the local cuisine (thanks Oscar Gonzalez for local arrangements!)


And in the marketing department, MAMI’s measurement / experimentation / architecture stickers were a big hit.


We’re all back home and mostly recovered from the jet lag, but here are only three months left until the next IETF meeting in Berlin in July. We’ll be hard at work preparing, including a potential Birds of a Feather session to discuss the standardization of approaches like MAMI’s MCP. Watch this space!

About Brian Trammell

Brian Trammell is an Internet measurement and architecture geek, a senior researcher at ETH Zürich's Networked Systems Group, and a member of the Internet Architecture Board.