Dagstuhl Seminar on Global Internet Measurement

Mirja Kühlewind (ETH) and Brian Trammell (ETH) from the MAMI project kicked off the new year by participating in a seminar at Schloss Dagstuhl on Global Measurement Practice and Experience. Dagstuhl seminars are always thought provoking, but in addition to informing the design of MAMI’s forthcoming Internet Path Transparency Observatory, two specific initiatives started there that we hope will ease the creation of measurement studies like the one we’re undertaking: first, a common platform for active measurement platforms on small hardware (e.g. Raspberry Pi); and second, a cooperative, Internet-measurement-focused “storage cloud” for reliable distribution of archival data generated by such platforms. Watch this space for future developments.

About Brian Trammell

Brian Trammell is an Internet measurement and architecture geek, a senior researcher at ETH Zürich's Networked Systems Group, and a member of the Internet Architecture Board.